STEM STARS is a community service organization within the STEM program at Newton College And Career Academy. Our organization was founded 2015 by three of our STEM associates and our purpose is to provide the associates within our program with the tools that they need to be active members of their community. It is often very hard to be involved in your own community if you are not a part of an organization that hosts a lot of community based events; this is why all associates within our program are automatically a part of our organization once they are admitted. This ensures that they are able to have access to community service events that not only let them give back to their community, but give them the opportunity to gain volunteer hours and have fun with their peers.

Through our organization members are able to volunteer for a variety of community service events such as cleaning our adopted road and our annual 9/11 honors event. We also provide our associates with access to events that are occurring within our community outside of school such as Emory Cares and events with Main Street Covington.

Volunteering within our community has given our associates experiences and connections that will last them a lifetime. From these community events students also gain volunteer hours which can help them in their college admissions process. STEM STARS continues to work to provide students with valuable experiences with community service events as well the tools that they need to be competitive within their college admissions process.