STEM Associate Council

The STEM Associate Council is a student body composed of STEM associates from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. One engineering and biotech representative is elected from the previous classes, forming a team of six capable, versatile members dedicated to serving STEM associates, trainers, and essential personnel. 


Representatives are required to (1) boost the morale of STEM associates and trainers and (2) advocate for the improvement of NCCA's STEM Institute. Council members achieve these tasks by:

  1. Brainstorming, organizing, and executing events and activities that will assist STEM associates, trainers, and personnel socially or academically. 

  2. Actively acknowledging, addressing, and advocating the concerns of STEM associates.

  3. Broadcasting and highlighting the profound accomplishments of members in NCCA's STEM Institute. 

Additionally, Council representatives serve under the STEM Director, helping them disperse information throughout the program, resolve emerging issues, and explore ways the STEM Institute can grow. 

Lastly, the STEM Associate Council receives support from STEM Ambassadors in maximizing the development of the STEM Institute and (primarily) STEM associates by contributing inspirational insight and feedback from STEM associates and trainers concerning the principles and practices of our program. Similar to Council representatives, STEM Ambassadors are elected/re-elected every school year and comprise twelve STEM associates well-versed in leadership, communication, professionalism, and student government. 


Overall, the STEM Associate Council is a student body focused on improving the quality of NCCA's STEM Institute and serves as a resource to all STEM associates, trainers, and personnel. 

STEM Associate Council Resources:


  • Follow for updates regarding STEM events and the remarkable work of NCCA's STEM associates, trainers, and personnel.